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light upon dark

From the producer Faraz Hass, with credits on such Hollywood Blockbusters as Interstellar, The Dark Knight Rises, X-Men: First Class, 007 Quantum of Solace, District 9 and many more, I introduce you Light Upon Dark (Trailer).

A man troubled by the existence of a storm starts to believe that it maybe more then just a simple discomfort. Could it be real or a product of his imagination? 


bloody mary

Be prepared to laugh at the quirky and silly short film called Bloody Mary! The funny, yet slightly scary vibe, took me musically to a Danny Elfman on "Beetle Juice" kind of approach. Entertaining and easy going, this short film by David London (London Square) has travelled the world and films festivals for around a year. For that reason, I have only been allowed to share it with you now. For the first time in my career I was also able to use one of my Hip-Hop Instrumentals as sourced music for a dancing scene. But I still think that the Jewel in the Crown is definitely the Credits Soundtrack. Enjoy.


film score contest

I have recently entered a Film Scoring Contest for They have provided us with a brilliant award winning animation to score. The film was completely muted and although there was no music, there wasn't also any foley. This was the first time where I really pushed my skills to the limit and tried to come up with something truly unique and completely different to what I had previously made. Being out of the comfort zone so much, made me develop my skills even more as well as an opportunity to re-invent my own style which will be certainly useful on future compositions. 



This project was a fantastic collaboration between a team of 3 people and myself. What started as a final year project for these 3D animation students ended up launching their careers (and subsequently mine) with the countless awards they have received including a nomination for the BFI (British Film Institute) award.

This soundtrack (Adrift) has a very strong combination between Fantasy and Love accompanied by powerful motif. It is present in my show reel playlist as well as my album.


This film combines a 2D and 3D experience very interestingly. Such approach allowed me to create and use a mixture of various orchestral textures and instruments providing a very "fairy taily" end product.

Being not only the composer but also the sound designer for this project, I would like to grab your attention to take note on both.

This piece (Trionfi) is also present in my show reel playlist as well as my album.



As the brief was quite vague and opened, I have decided to compose a classical piece for this advert. However when they heard it, they asked for a band-ish version with a peaceful and ambience guitar.

Taking into consideration that I haven't touched the guitar for a few years it was very interesting to compose and do a live recording in one of my tunes for the very first time. 


Other Work


Making a Film Score (Soundtrack)

Over the years I have been making music, although I often come across people asking me how music is made, the majority of the questions are related to orchestral music. Some thought that film music was composed by many people at the same time (a bit like a band) and some even believed that orchestral music wasn't made anymore in this day and age. 
As I found those questions and doubts so interesting, I have decided to make a video showing how a Film Score is made nowadays. I hope you enjoy!



ITV advert project

The reason why I have uploaded this old university project here is because I had never previously shown any of my sound design work and 
I believe that this project represents it very well.



after effects

Although brief, I though it would be interesting to share some of a recent hobby of mine - Adobe After Effects.

As I was quite proud of the final product (audio and visuals) I have decided to upload it here.