2015 - BlueBells Studio

Soundtrack composed to their latest project (coming soon)

2015 - Filmstro

Recently signed a contract to provide music on a regular basis to this innovative multimedia company


2015 - Music Library - The Funky Junkies

Two pieces composed for their latest Film Trailer release "Things Happening Epically" (click on the Icon)



2014 - Entered the restricted Music Library - scoreAscore

2014 - Official entrance to the IMDb Website

Credited as a composer for 2 Films. (click banner to access the profile)


2014 - London Squared - Completed a new short film score

Bloody Mary (Coming Soon)

Reverbnation Charts.png

2014 - REVERBNATION Top 10 Charts

Made 1st place on Reverbnation Top 10 local Charts with album PREMONITION.

Website, photoshop


- New Website release!


2014 - Digital release of my first album PREMONITION

Available in most digital stores including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon MP3 etc.

ringtone, orchestral, soundtracks, personatones

2013 Personatones – Music Library Company
- Interview about “What’s it like to be a Composer?”

- Ringtone composed for their music catalogue 

music library, sync licensing, beat orchard

2013 - Music composed for Music Library Company

Music sourced for sync licensing company - Beat Orchard

sos films, directors, movies

2012 - Light Upon Dark - Film Trailer Score

Composition of a film trailer for SOS Films. 

tv shows, adverts, dove, kerrygold, shell, etc, cinema

2012 - TV Adverts

Pitched to various TV Adverts including Dove, Kerrygold Butter, Quorn Mince, etc.

(Apologises for not posting the videos due to possible copyright infringement)

2011 - Music for the Royal Wedding's Family in Dubai
A 7 minute piece (“I Am Eternal”) was composed for the live show that revealed the bride before the ceremony happens.

trinfi, tarot, 2d, 3d, animation, maya, 3ds max, awards, festivals

2011Trionfi - Film Score
Orchestral score and Sound Design for a 2D/3D animation short film.

(this film is available in the Video tab)


2011Composed music for Music Library Company - Twisted Jukebox
3 soundtracks composed for two different albums: 

wild, earth, tv, film, music library, sync licensing, twisted jukebox

Wild Earth (soundtracks "Earth" and "A Life Cycle")

natural, world, tv, film, music library, sync licensing, twisted jukebox

Natural World (soundtrack "Childhood of Nature")

2010 - Adrift - Film Score

3D Animation film taken to the film festival entitled “Animation Exposé 2010″

- “Adrift” wins BEST ART Award at Animation Expose Awards Show;
- “Adrift” gets front page on 3D Total, 3DM3, Vimeo & 3D Hit. (June 2010);
- “Adrift” featured in 3D WORLD, 3D ARTIST & ‘Creative Boom’ Magazine
- "Adrift" nominated for a BFI Award

and more (listed on the picture)...

(this film is available in the Video tab)


2010Finished BSc (Hons) Music Technology degree in the University of Hertfordshire. Finished with:

university of hertfordshire, degree, technology, music

- First Class Honours
- Best final year project of the faculty of Creative Arts (scoring an A+)
- Honoured with an extra University Award for high performance.

(please note that this album is available in the Shop tab)

book, library, mistress of the rock, myron edwards, cyprus, greece

2010pre-production film based in the original novel by Myron Edwards
“The Mistress of the Rock”.

2009Participation in the compilation: “Best Off” as an Hip-Hop Producer
(X-Tense – O Single (Produced by me))

dng, danextgen, god, leveldup,

2007Participation as a Rapper (as Deck-Arte) for the album: “Em 7 Dias” by DNG
(Deck-Arte feat DNG – Eterno Momento)

sorte quase nula, dj madkutz, jr writer, the diplomats mixtape

2006 - Participation as a Rapper in “Sorte Quase Nula” MixTape by DJ Madkutz
(JR Writer (The Diplomats) was also a guest in this MixTape)
(Deck-Arte – 60 Segundos)


2006 - Interview for Hip-Hop Nation Magazine (Nr #24)
Deck-Arte (my previous Rap band)

Click to read (Portuguese)


2006 - First official work released by Deck-Arte – “X-Permatoswoipe”
(an online released EP with up to 18.000 downloads) 

hip-hop, hiphop, hiphop nation, regula, deck-arte

2005 - Song exclusively made to the Hip-Hop Nation Magazine #21
(Deck-Arte – Hip-Hop Nation 21)

2003 - First presence in an album (as a rapper) - Konpasso (mixtape) by DJ Passone

Please note:

- Besides these projects I have also sold about 30 instrumentals as a Freelancer for various Portuguese and UK Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop artists.

- A few more interviews were given to a couple of Music websites, Online Magazines, Music Blogs etc