In a nutshell, this playlist, contains my second show reel where, most of which, are short pieces and cues (from 30-50 seconds long) that I have composed for TV adverts and short films that I have pitched for. 

Some of these pieces granted me the opportunity to score a particular project whereas some others simply helped me increasing my music reel collection.

Unfortunately I am not authorised to display the actual videos as that could cause a potential copyright infringement however they are interesting pieces of music that I would like to invite you to listen. 

This playlist consists of my main show reel.

I have decided to gather my best work present in this reel and put it into an album entitled "PREMONITION" (which is available for sale in the Shop tab).

This album compiles my best early work in this genre (initially composed for my University's final year project) as well as more recent material.

Some of these soundtracks were already used in previous projects such as 3D and 2D animation short films as well as film trailers. 

I have tried to create this album with a wide variety of moods and textures so that the listener can hear my versatility as well as a diversified range of emotions. 


TV Adverts & Short Film Cues




As per mentioned in the About tab, I have a strong musical Hip-Hop upbringing as I have initially started making this music genre. As such, a lot of my initial material was made on it. 

In fact, this playlist contains most of my work made in Portugal before I started composing orchestral soundtrack music. 

As my favourite Hip-Hop style was West Coast, most of my beats clearly encapsulate a G-Funk twang whereas some others follow a are more traditional "back to the roots" approach with the use of manually re-arranged chopped up samples to achieve the main melodies.