Gonçalo Martins was born in Lisbon (Portugal) and started his musical path along with his friends at the time (X-Tense and Spab) as a rap band in 1999.

What started as passing entertainment later became more consistent and after 3 years of various demo songs and band names, they finally became known as “Deck-Arte”.

Two years later they released their first EP entitled “X-PermatoSwoipe” receiving a total of 18,000 downloads; a remarkable number for such a small country. This EP brought them into the Portuguese music industry and after signing a label with Matarroa, their Hip-Hop album became one of the most expected of 2006.

One year later Gonçalo received an offer to study Music Technology in the University of Hertfordshire (UK); needless to say it was a great opportunity. He decided to end his music career in Portugal and continue in Hatfield; the challenge was entering the country without even knowing how to speak English.

Although having only produced hip-hop and R&B, it was on his second year of University (2009) that Gonçalo started to get more in touch with orchestral soundtracks and so decided to do a career shift.

As he quickly adapted and evolved into this new genre, he finished university with first class honours, the highest marked final year project out of the entire faculty of music (an orchestral soundtrack album), and an extra award.

Later on, a Hollywood previs supervisor (Faraz Hameed) heard about this and decided to get in contact with him triggering the beginning of his music career in the UK.

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